Summary of Benefits


Preferred + Medical Upgrade

Trip Cancellation
Up to 100% of trip cost.
US$ 20,000 maximum.
Medical Expenses
US$ 100,000 maximum limit.
Medical Evacuation / Repatriation
US$ 1,000,000.
Security Assistance / Political Evacuation
US$ 100,000.
Depending on State of Residence.
Emergency Reunion
Local Ambulance Expenses
Included in the Medical Expense Benefit.
Return of Remains
Return of Minor Child(ren)
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
US$ 10,000.
Dental Emergency
US$ 750.
Trip Interruption
150% of Trip Cost.
US$ 25,000 maximum.
Missed Connection / Itinerary Change
US$ 500.
After a 3+ hours delay.
Trip Delay
US$ 1,000.
US$ 200 per day. After a 6+ hours delay.
Baggage Delay
US$ 300.
After a 12+ hours delay.
Lost Baggage Coverage
US$ 1,000.
US$ 250 per article. US$ 500 valuable combined limit.
Cancel for Any Reason Coverage
Optional upgrade: Up to 75% of trip cost.
Cancel for Work Reasons
Optional upgrade: Up to 100% of trip cost.
Renters Collision Insurance
Optional upgrade: US$ 50,000.
Not Available to Residents of Texas.
Travel Assistance Services
Benefit for Kids
Kids under 18 included at No Charge.
Preexisting conditions
Covered if purchased within 21 days of trip deposit. 180 days look-back period.
Deductible is Waived.
No Coinsurance.
Plan pays 100% of eligible expenses.
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